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Hiring cars has to be one of the most convenient ways of getting to your desired destination. Whether you are in your home city or a new place, you can always hire a car to get by. While this is a great idea, you will be exposed to various risks such as accidents on the road and other damages. For this reason, you need to protect yourself with a car hire excess insurance. In the event of an accident or damage to the car, the car rental company will hold you responsible, which can be disheartening. This is where companies such as Reduce My Excess step in as they alleviate these charges.

They reimburse you for all your expenses. Reduce My Excess is a trading name of Eversure Limited and operates under the authority of the Financial Conduct Authority.



What are the offers offered by ReduceMyExcess?


1️⃣ Reduce My Excess for the UK and Europe Cover


This is insurance coverage available for people in the UK and Europe. It covers England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Andorra, Poland, Spain, Germany, and other locations. When browsing on the Reduce My Excess website, you will find an extensive list of the countries covered in this UK and Europe cover.

A client is required to pay £9.72 for a single day’s coverage, £30.83 for 31 days and £40.55 per year. If you choose the 62 days package, you will be required to pay £36.53 plus £46.25 for every year. It covers excess reimbursement, misfuelling, curtailment of rental, lockout and key cover, and personal possessions.


2️⃣ Reduce My Excess for Worldwide Cover


The worldwide Reduce My Excess cover caters to clients in any country that is not already included in the UK or Europe. This does not exclude Afghanistan, Belarus, Congo, Crimea/Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Myanmar.

For a one day trip, a worldwide cover will cost £10.83 while the annual insurance coverage goes for £40.55. This plan’s coverage goes to a high excess limit, loss of use, CDW, additional drivers, misfuelling, and personal possessions. Road rage and carjacking, and drop-off charges are also included in this package. The exclusions are on vehicles older than ten years, cars with more than nine seats, non-UK residents, and other off-road vehicles.


3️⃣ Reduce My Excess for Worldwide plus Cover


The worldwide plus coverage works best for people in the USA and Canada. It covers the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and Canada.

💡 By procuring this policy, clients will be eligible for a high excess limit, eight additional drivers named, loss of use, optional CDW, misfuelling, tyres, windscreen, and undercarriage, as well as curtailment of rental cars. It attracts general exclusions, but the particular ones will be included in the Policy wording and product information document. These are downloadable documents that you will find on the website. The single trip coverage costs £22.14 while the annual plan costs £56.93.


Offers on Car Hire Excess Insurance from company Reduce My Excess



What is the cost of Reduce My Excess Car Hire Insurance Coverage?


Every policy at Reduce My Excess is different. They differ in terms and conditions, inclusions and exclusions, as well as the cost. For the UK and Europe, it requires £9.72 per day. If you hired the car for seven days and had the coverage, you would pay £68.04 for the entire period.

The annual coverage would still be the same; £46.25. The worldwide coverage costs £10.83, and this would mean that you pay £75.81 for a rental period of 7 days. Annually, this would cost you £46.25. From the assessment, procuring an annual plan will be better than a daily plan if you intend to tour for more than five days.


What are the inclusions of Reduce My Excess?


The insurance policies have several inclusions that cover both worldwide and in the UK. While the inclusions depend on the covers selected, some inclusions are dominant on all coverages.

  • You get reimbursement of the excess amount paid. It will cover physical loss or damage of the rental vehicle, towing, as well as the administration and loss of use.
  • If the rental car items are damaged or stolen when you are in possession of the car, Reduce My Excess will cover the repairs or replacements up to £300.
  • In case you lock yourself out of your rental car or lose your keys, you will get reimbursed for the cost of the car locks, keys, and the locksmith charges you incurred up to £500.
  • If you use the wrong fuel in your rental car, Reduce My Excess will reimburse the costs of cleaning, draining, and flushing the engine up to £500.
  • In case you are involved in an accident or illness, and you cannot drive, Reduce My Excess will reimburse you for the rented days up to £30 per day. However, it is crucial to understand that this only covers plans of up to 7 rental days.
  • If you are involved in any form of road rage and carjacking, you will get reimbursement to a maximum of £1000.


What are the exclusions of Reduce My Excess?


Here are a few exclusions that Reduce My Excess makes:

  • All claims related to rental cars from the Green Motion vehicle hire company
  • All public vehicles
  • Any claim that lacks supportive documents such as invoices from the repairer, the car rental company, local police authority, and credit/debit card statements is barred
  • Vehicles located in non-UK areas, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man Residents
  • All claims related to travel to any country or regions where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued Travel Advisory regulations
  • All claims where the rental vehicle is proven to have been left unlocked or unattended
  • Damages that have been caused by self-inflicted injuries or illnesses are not covered by Reduce My Excess; the use of alcohol and drugs falls in this category



Are customer reviews positive?


By reading reviews from reputable sites like Trustpilot and Feefo, you can tell that Reduce My Excess is a good company. It has a rating of 4.1 on Trustpilot and 4.4 on Feefo. Most people praised the site for being navigable and responsive, while others were impressed by the sales team. From our review, we were happy with the customer service on the site.

The insurance policies are friendly and great for clients from all walks of life. If you want the UK and Europe car hire insurance policy, you can take protections from Reduce My Excess. The same applies to those who want worldwide covers. Even better, the rates are competitive and affordable for you.


Reviews from the offers of Reduce My Excess



How to Benefit from Promotional Codes?


You can get several promotional codes and vouchers in various Reduce My Excess affiliate programs. Eversure is a huge company specialising in various insurance products such as car hire excess and have other affiliate programs that offer promotional codes and vouchers. These codes will have benefits in different percentages.

💡 When you get the Reduce My Excess promo code, you will get a reduction to your spending when procuring car hire insurance services on the Reduce My Excess website. You can key in the code into your next purchase; the process easy and is done on the official Reduce My Excess website. In the long run, it saves you a substantial amount of money. You can also get cash back benefits when you use these affiliate sites.



Reduce My Excess Terms and Conditions for Subscription


There are several terms and conditions that one has to fulfil to subscribe to the Reduce My Excess insurance coverage. Here are some:

  • Drivers must be over 21 and under 84
  • Get in touch with Reduce My Excess before hiring a vehicle
  • Present a copy of your rental agreement
  • Fulfil the required payment to the Reduce My Excess
  • They must be UK residents
  • Vehicles hired should be less than ten years
  • Vehicles must have less than nine seats
  • You must use the car for personal reasons (never for business purposes)


Subscribe to Reduce My Excess



How to Make a Claim?


Claiming Reduce My Excess is pretty easy as you can use the form provided on the website. You should make these claims within the first thirty days of the damage. When your car is involved in an accident resulting in damage that you are responsible for, Reduce My Excess will come in to reimburse you for the charges.

If you need to claim CDW, the insurance company deals directly with the rental company for reimbursements. There are a few things that you need to present to Reduce My Excess to begin the claiming process. These include:

  • A copy of the damage reports and damage invoice
  • A copy of the car rental agreement
  • A copy of the Reduce My Excess certificate of insurance
  • A copy of any reports from the garage you took the car too
  • A coloured copy of the driving license of the driver who drove the hire car at the time of the accident or damage
  • A copy of the local police report
  • A copy of the claimant’s credit or debit card statement to prove the expenses
  • Your bank details
  • Any other documents showing your expenditure for the payments

Once Reduce My Excess has all these details, they will send the information to the claims handler and contact you within ten working days. When successful, Reduce My Excess sends money directly to your bank account. At this juncture, the process is complete.



How to Make a Complaint?


Complaints at Reduce My Excess are handled by Eversure Limited. They ensure that all clients are satisfied with the services on the website. If you have a complaint, you can get in touch with them through their website or fill a form. The customer support team will respond to your issues within five working days. During these five days, Reduce My Excess will have investigated the complaint and accordingly responded. Depending on the complaint’s nature, it could take up to four weeks to get a response.

Once the investigation is complete, the complaint’s officer will notify you of the investigation outcome. If the issue requires compensation, the company will offer a fair amount of money based on their calculations. If they cannot resolve the issue within four weeks, the complaints officer will contact you, notifying you why they delayed in the response. A date will be given.

⚠️ If you still haven’t got a favourable response or are unsatisfied, Reduce My Excess advises that you write to the Financial Ombudsman Service within the next six months. You can also contact the European Commission via the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and submit your complaint through a central site or platform.


Make a complaint reduce my excess





Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Reduce My Excess car hire insurance services.


How much does car hire insurance cost at Reduce My Excess?

The car hire insurance policies at Reduce My Excess come at different prices depending on the type that a client takes. If you choose the single trip excess insurance, you will only pay £9.72 for the single trip and an annual cover of £40.55 for the UK and Europe package. The worldwide coverage requires £10.83 per day and £46.25 annually. The Worldwide plus package is an upgraded cover in the USA and Canada and will cost £22.14 per day and £56.93 annually.


Is it really interesting to take out franchise buyout insurance from Reduce My Excess?

In insurance terms, buyouts occur when the insurance company pays you a lump sum of money to settle your claim or terminate your policy. It is an interesting road to take on with Reduce My Excess.


Can I upgrade my policy at Reduce My Excess?

It is difficult for you to make adjustments to your policy after making the procurement. Reduce My Excess does not allow you to adjust the policy terms and conditions after it begins. If you want an upgrade, you may need first to cancel your policy. You will then get a refund for your premiums.


Does Reduce My Excess work for all rental companies?

Yes. Like other car hire insurance companies, Reduce My Excess works with most rental companies. However, it has restrictions on some companies, notably, the Green Motion Vehicle Hire Company. As a car hire client, you may find that your preferred rental company has already procured the insurance policy. It may be a little higher than the regular rates.


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