Icarhireinsurance: The complete guide to their Car Hire Excess Insurance

There is nothing as hectic as being involved in an accident. Accidents can occur at any time regardless of your prowess in driving. It is even worse when you are in a rental car, as you will be forced to handle the cost of the damages. According to research, it was determined that over 20% of the claims on car damages occurred when the vehicle was unattended. When looking to hire a car, you must ensure that the car is safe at all times. In this article, you will learn more about Icarhireinsurance company and car hire excess insurance cover.

Car hire insurance is often referred to as optional insurance coverage. It covers you as a client when you hire a vehicle and are exposed to any damage, or the car is stolen. The insurance coverage gives you an excess protective cover in the event of the car’s interior and exterior damage resulting from accidents. It includes several covers, such as the Collision Damage Waiver (CDL) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW).

Icarhireinsurance helps you deal with these costs smoothly. They offer car hire excess insurance. This means that they reimburse all or part of the amounts you paid in the event of accidents. You will only pay some money periodically or annually and travel with some peace of mind. While they may be small damages, rental companies tend to inflate the charges, and you could find the bills surpassing your expectations. With Icarhireinsurance, it doesn’t matter whether the damages are huge or small; you will not bear any liability. You are fully protected and don’t have to spend any money.

Icarhireinsurance has several offers on the table for clients, depending on where you are and the amount you intend to spend. If you are travelling around the UK for a few days, you can get a cover for a number of days. The same case applies to when you want to travel globally. Let’s explore the offers at Icarhireinsurance.



What are the offers offered by Icarhireinsurance?


1️⃣ Icarhireinsurance for European Cover


While in Europe and renting a car, you can always use this cover. It will safeguard you from any damages and accidents that may occur while you are in possession of the car. Typically, it covers excess fees concerning damage, theft, and fires.

This cover is available for both daily and annual coverage. While on the single trip policy, you will get continuous coverage between one to thirty-one days. For the annual policy, the coverage is for the entire 12-month period. Now, the major distinction is that the annual coverage allows you to have as many rental agreements as you desire, while the single trip one should not exceed 65 days.

It is important to note that Icarhireinsurance will not cover towing costs that come from mechanical faults. They insist that these charges will remain the responsibilities of the rental company.


2️⃣ Icarhireinsurance for Worldwide cover


The coverage is viable for those travelling to other countries besides European jurisdictions. It will protect you from any high excess charges should anything happen to your hired car during your expeditions. While it clearly states that it is a worldwide cover, some countries are exempted from the coverage. The accepted territories include Europe, the USA, and Canada.

If you will be travelling to other places and would like to confirm whether Icarhireinsurance covers the area where you want to go, you can fill out an online contact form on their website.


Car hire excess offers from Icarhireinsurance



What is the cost of Icarhireinsurance?


The cost for Icarhireinsurance is dependent on several factors, such as where you will be travelling to and the duration. This section will give you a breakdown of the costs depending on the type of coverage you choose. If you choose the single trip coverage in Europe, you will pay £2.99 for every day with the car and £42.99 for the annual policy. The worldwide cover will cost you £4.49 daily and £69.99 annually. There is also another option that only covers people in the USA and Canada and requires you to pay £7.99 for the single day plan and £99.99 annually.

The worldwide plus coverage will cost you at least £109.99 for every year. As the client, it is important to note that the European daily cover must be for a UK resident travelling for ten days or more and the worldwide requires at least 7 days. Looking at all the packages, you realise that the daily package seems to be more expensive than the annual coverage. The insurance company advocates that you go for the annual cover.

If you hired a car and used the daily European coverage, you would pay £2.99 per day, which translates to £20.93 for the seven days. The annual coverage would still be £42.99. On the other hand, a client using the Worldwide cover pays £4.49 per day, translating to £31.43 at the end of the 7-day period. The annual coverage for the worldwide plan would be £69.99.


Which protections are included in the Icarhireinsurance Covers?


Like the cost, the coverage also differs depending on the policy you have paid for. Here is what you get with this insurance policy for all the coverage plans:

  • Excess protection of up to £6,000 of the insured funds
  • Damage to the car’s bodywork, roofing, windscreen and undercarriage
  • Full protection against fires, theft and vandalism
  • Towing, breakdown and other misfuelling problems you may encounter
  • 65 days coverage on any rental agreement (single day policy)
  • 9 other drivers covered on your rental agreement
  • Booking single and annual trip policies up to 180 days in advance


Which exclusions of the Icarhireinsurance Covers?


The coverage excludes a few things. While the inclusions are the same for the European and Worldwide coverage, there is a distinction in the exclusions.


Exclusions for the Icarhireinsurance European Coverage

For the European coverage, the only exclusion is towing when a car breaks down due to mechanical faults.

Icarhireinsurance believes that this should remain the rental company’s responsibility as it should have checked the car’s condition before renting it.


Exclusions for Icarhireinsurance Worldwide Cover

  • Cars that have more than nine seats
  • Costs related to fines and driving infractions
  • Accidental damage of the car’s interiors
  • Mechanical breakdown resulting from wear and tear, or malfunction
  • Rentals that begin before the policy inception
  • Local or in-country cover to residents of Non-EEA territories
  • Competitive, performance, and off-road driving



Are customer reviews positive?


In this Icarhireinsurance review, we check what other clients have said about the company. We get our information from reputable sections such as Trustpilot. At the time of writing this review, most people were impressed by the Icarhireinsurance app. They said that it was a good app, easy to use and praised the prompt responses. Others said that the coverage was highly economical and comprehensive, and the company offers excellent customer service.

💡 Going by the reviews on these watchdog sites, Icarhireinsurance is a good company, with 4,5 out of 5 points on Trustpilot.

From our experience, the site was easy to use and is easily navigable. We particularly found the FAQ section comprehensive and informative as it answers all your potential questions or issues that you may encounter later. It is a good company to seek insurance from.


customer reviews to Icarhireinsurance



How to Benefit from Promotional Codes?


Icarhireinsurance believes in rewarding its customers. From time to time, you will get rewards in the form of promotional codes that you can use and reduce your spending while on the site. You can find them from Icarhireinsurance company affiliates. These sites only require you to sign up and shop with Icarhireinsurance. Most of them are posted monthly, and you can pick them to experience a reduced charge for the insurance service. They could be 50% off, 60% off, or even 55% off, depending on the provided discount codes.



Which conditions to subscribe to Icarhireinsurance?


Icarhireinsurance ensures that the clients are well protected from excess payments by car rental companies. Accidents happen every day, and you never know when one could strike you. One needs to take out insurance for hiring a car from a reputable company like Icarhireinsurance. There are a few requirements that one must fulfil when subscribing to Icarhireinsurance.

💡 Firstly, all clients must have attained the legal age and produce the required documents to support that. You must also take the insurance before going to the car rental company. If you have already rented the car, Icarhireinsurance coverage will be unsuitable for you.

Icarhireinsurance has some terms and conditions when it comes to cancelling your offer. If your policy has not begun and you wish to cancel, you will get a full refund minus £10. The money will be the administration fees. The company also pays refunds within five days of your cancellation notice. If you intend to have another person drive the rental car, they must be named additional drivers on the rental agreement. This is the only way to ensure that they are covered and protected from any excess charges in the event of any loss or damage. You can add up to 9 named drivers.


How to subscribe to Icarhireinsurance



How to make a claim?


To submit a claim, you will be required to click on the ‘Zurich’ logo on the claims section for quick redirection. Once you click the logo, it will take you to the Zurich insurance claims. You will be required to upload the following documents digitally:

  • Copy of the vehicle rental agreement
  • Copy of your rental company’s damage report
  • Copy of your involves and receipts to show the amount of money you paid in relation to your claims
  • Copy of a police report showing details of the accidents or info on the theft of the vehicle
  • Credit card statement copies to show proof of payment for the damages you are claiming

After this, you will hand in the documentation, complete the Icarhireinsurance claim form, and fill in your policy details. An Icarhireinsurance company claims handler will then review the claim and make the payment straight to your bank account. The process begins right away and doesn’t take longer than a fortnight.



How to Make a Complaint?


Do you have a complaint to make to Icarhireinsurance? Icarhireinsurance is committed to ensuring that all your issues are settled within the shortest time possible. In order to file a complaint, you need to provide them with your first and last name, main house address, telephone number, and policy number of claim reference. They will use this information to give you feedback concerning your issue. You can also email their customer support team or write a physical mail to the complaints department.

⚠️ If you still haven’t got help, you can submit your complaint to the European Online Dispute Resolution platform, and the agents will then convey your issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service on your behalf.


Make a complaint Icarhireinsurance





This section covers the frequently asked questions with informed answers. Read through and gather information on Icarhireinsurance.


How much does car hire insurance cost at Icarhireinsurance?

Icarhireinsurance is among the most affordable plans that you will get in the UK and away. For the European cover, you will pay £2.99 for every day with the car and £42.99 for the annual policy. If you choose the worldwide option, you will pay £4.49 per day and £69.99 every year. There is also a worldwide option dubbed ‘Worldwide Plus’ that requires you to pay £109.99 annually. You must assess the options that are most viable for you on the Icarhireinsurance website.


Is it really interesting to take out franchise buyout insurance from Icarhireinsurance?

Usually, a buyout will occur when the insurance company gives you a huge amount of money in exchange for your claim or policy. It is an extra-contractual arrangement and an intentional decision between the insurance company and the client. While this is a viable idea, it implies that you leave the insurance. You will be taking out all your funds from Icarhireinsurance.


Can you upgrade your policy at Icarhireinsurance?

As the client, you cannot upgrade your Icarhireinsurance policy before it begins. Usually, if you need to upgrade your policy at Icarhireinsurance, you may be able to cancel your policy. They will then give you a refund or get your premiums paid. You can then purchase the necessary cover from Icarhireinsurance. The process is even easier when you are not currently involved with any rental car company.


Does Icarhireinsurance work for rental companies?

Yes. If a rental company chooses to take out insurance from Icarhireinsurance, they are welcome to do so. You need to understand that the car hire insurance at the rental desk will be more expensive than the stand-alone plans.


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