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Car rental is convenient and affordable, and it is convenient when you want to move around in a new city or town. During this time, the most protective cover you can take is car hire excess insurance as it protects you from high excess charges. In most cases, hire companies effect an excess charge of up to £1,000 when hiring a car. If anything happens when you have the car, you will be liable to pay for the damage to an equal value of the excess paid. This is where carhireexcess insurance comes in handy as it will cover the damage and repair costs.

By reading this article, you will better understand the car hire excess insurance from and make a claim or complaint to the company. We have carefully reviewed the offers from different insuring companies to help you pick the best option. Carhireexcess has great offers that you will benefit from during your car rental period. Let’s explore the Carhireexcess insurance coverage.



What are the Main Offers of Carhireexcess?


Carhireexcess is a premier provider of car hire excess insurance in Europe and other parts of the world. Based in Europe, the provider has earned several awards for being the most comprehensive insurance cover for hired cars. It has several offers for travellers. These include the European Daily Cover, European Annual Cover, Worldwide Daily Cover, and Worldwide Annual Cover. Let’s explore these covers in-depth.


1️⃣ for European Cover


Carhireexcess insurance is a protective cover for a rental car. It protects the client from any repair, maintenance, or damage while the car is in their possession. As the name suggests, the European cover is available for people in the European continent and some other countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and Israel. The insurance will be void if you are going through Belarus. It is divided into two main categories; annual Carhireexcess insurance and single-car hire excess insurance.

A single policy will only cover you for a ‘one-off’ car rental agreement and is only valid for the specified rental dates. It can go for up to 180 days. On the other hand, the annual policy is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and will cover unlimited car rental agreements as long as it does not go beyond sixty-two days (two months). Usually, when you rent a car, you will be liable for it during the rental period.

Besides, there is not much difference between the annual and single car hire excess insurance duration. The duration influences the insurance cost, whereby the single-day policy will be cheaper than the annual policy.


2️⃣ for Worldwide Cover


When travelling to other countries or somewhere away from the European Union, you will need the Carhireexcess Worldwide Cover. Like the European Cover, it is classified into two major categories; annual car hire excess insurance and daily car hire insurance. The annual coverage runs for 12 months, while the daily plan will cover the specific calendar days you pay for. Both of them should be taken up before a client signs a car rental agreement. This is because Carhireexcess cannot intercept a cover once the rental period has begun.

For a single rental, the maximum duration is 180 days, while the annual coverage runs for 12 months and will unlimitedly cover you in the foreign land as long as you do not exceed 62 days. The worldwide policies cover all the countries except any trips to, in or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Congo, Belarus, North Korea, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Syria, Liberia, and Iraq.

Apart from the duration, the other difference lies in the individual policy terms and conditions. Once you fill out an enquiry form with your details, location, and preferred coverage, the Carhireexcess company will recommend a suitable insurance cover alongside the terms and conditions for operations. When compared with the European Cover, the only difference is the jurisdiction of operations and exclusions.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) may also be included in this worldwide cover. The policy will cover the car hire insurance excess in the event of any damage or repair to the rental vehicle. Some of the most common damages include external elements such as bumps and scratches on the car. Carhireexcess gives you the chance to add SLI to the insurance. You have to pay a little more for the coverage. Once you buy it, it will reflect on the policy schedule. SLI plus Carhireexcess insurance will cover any amount you are liable for over and above the car rental company’s particular primary policy or primary liability insurance that might have been separately sourced. It will cover you up to $1,000,000(or an equivalent value in your local currency)


Car hire excess insurance offers from Carhireexcess



The Pros and Cons of Carhireexcess Insurance


💡 Pros:

  • You get affordable premiums
  • It cuts the cost of claiming
  • Protects against car hire excess
  • You enjoy the convenience of moving around with no worries of uncertainties
  • You get peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of

❌ Cons:

  • Conditions and exclusions apply



What is the Cost of Carhireexcess Insurance?


Carhireexcess insurance has different offers depending on your preferences. If you intend to travel in the European continent, you can take a daily cover based on a two-day cover for only €2.99 or an annual cover for only €48.99. The worldwide cover goes for €3.99 for a three days cover and €58.99 annually. If you took a European cover, you would pay €10.645 for seven days, while an annual cover would be €48.99. If, under the same circumstances, you took a worldwide cover, you would pay €9.61 for the seven days.



Inclusions in the Insurance Cover


Here is what is included in the insurance cover:

  • Damage to the rental vehicle such as to the windows, windscreen, tyres, and wheels, headlights, undercarriage, and the roof
  • Loss of the rental vehicle due to damage
  • Towing costs related to damage
  • Fire, theft, and vandalism
  • Keys and undercarriage
  • Personal possessions cover
  • Any other damages mentioned in your policy



Exclusions in the Insurance Cover


Here is what the insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Any costs not directly related to the rental car damage
  • Vehicles such as campervans, trailers or caravan, commercial vehicle or truck, bikes, and other recreational vehicles
  • Cars not owned by a car rental company or agency
  • Any credit card foreign currency transaction charges
  • Any damage or conditions not mentioned in your policy



What about Customer Reviews about Carhireexcess?


Carhireexcess is a reputable insurance company, and this can be seen from the reviews online posted by previous clients and customers. Looking at the Carhireexcess reviews on TrustPilot, you notice that most people think of the company as a great brand (4.7/5). Many commenters note that Carhireexcess came in handy at their lowest time. These clients also say that the Carhireexcess is easy to deal with and that the money for the damages was released within a fortnight. They recommend the Carhireexcess insurance company to other clients.


Reviews Carhireexcess



How to Benefit from Promotional Codes? has promo codes that you can take advantage of. As you engage them for insurance, you may get a Carhireexcess voucher code and end up paying less for the insurance policy. By this, you hugely benefit from promotional codes. You can find these codes on the Carhireexcess website and its other affiliates.



How to subscribe to Carhireexcess Insurance?


Collision Damage Waiver, commonly known as CDW, is included in the Carhireexcess insurance policies. The waiver is applicable for those travelling around the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. It will cover several issues, such as fires, vandalism, accidents, and volcanic ash clouds.

Additionally, clients get theft coverage, recoverable and unrecoverable. As a client, you must understand that you cannot subscribe when your rental has already begun. However, if you wish to take out insurance, Carhireexcess offers a friendly condition for you to do so quickly.

💡 If you want to cancel your subscription, you can talk to Carhireexcess and fill out a form citing cancellation and follow the required steps.


How to subscribe Carhireexcess



How to Make an Insurance Claim to Carhireexcess Insurance?


Return the Car


In the event of an incident during the rental period and sustained external damages, you should take photographs of the damage and confirm that you are responsible for the costs under your rental agreement. You should then request an accident report and an invoice for the damage. If possible, you can make the payment using your credit card and get a receipt.


Check Policy and Notify the Claim


The second step is checking your policy and notifying the claim. Read the terms and conditions in your policy schedule to ensure that you are covered for the particular claim you wish to launch. Note that all the claims should be notified to the claims administrator within 31 days of the end of the rental agreement that an incident occurred. If you are unsure about the particular claim, the administrator will help you understand it better. As you report the matter, you need to produce copies of the following documents.

  • The rental agreement
  • Your charge receipts
  • Police report on the incident
  • Images of the damage to the rental vehicle and images of the car before the damages
  • The accident report from the car rental company or agency
  • Invoices and receipts to show your spending in reference to the damage
  • Your credit card statement indicating payment of the damages claimed
  • For proof of residency, you are also required to provide a copy of your passport or driving license
  • Leave your bank account details for easier reimbursement

If you fail to produce these documents and follow the required steps, the reimbursement for your claim may take longer.



How to Make a Complaint?


There are various ways to channel a complaint to Carhireexcess insurance. While the company ensures a smooth service process, we understand that issues and misunderstandings can arise, and you may need clarification. The company has different ways to convey your complaint based on nature.


Making Complaints about the Policy


If the complaint is about your insurance and general administration’s sale, you can talk to the policy administrator online. Also, you can email or call the provided phone number. You can also visit the Carhireexcess offices near you for more assistance.


Making Complaints about a Claim


⚠️ If the complaint you are making is concerning a claim, you should go through the claim’s administrator. The Carhireexcess administrator will help you file and process your claim. If you are dissatisfied with the final response to the complaint, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which is a service that settles disputes between financial service businesses and clients.


Make a complaint Carhireexcess





How much does car hire insurance cost at Carhireexcess?

The cost of a Carhireexcess insurance depends on the selected policy. If you choose the European Daily Cover, you will pay €2.99 based on a two-day cover, while the annual cover goes for €48.99. If you choose the Worldwide Daily Cover, you will pay €3.99 based on a three-day cover, while the Carhireexcess annual cover goes for €58.99. The prices are a little higher when the cover includes SLI.


Is it really interesting to take out franchise buyout insurance from Carhireexcess?

Yes, Carhireexcess makes the process all easy and convenient for all its clients. Regardless of the extent of damage, Carhireexcess seeks to offer high-quality services and details to help you get reimbursement for the damages.


Are there any vehicles that Carhireexcess doesn’t cover?

The policy does not cover vehicles’ rental over 10 years or vehicles valued at more than €70,000 (equate this to your local currency). Other cars not covered include motor homes, campervans, vans, commercial vehicles, two or three wheeled cars, prestige and exotic cars, and recreational vehicles. All these require a different insurance policy.


Does Carhireexcess work for all rental companies?

Carhireexcess works with most car rental companies. You only have to check whether they operate in the country or jurisdiction before selecting them for the claim. It works for most European countries plus Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and Israel. By reading through their website, you will know the countries and jurisdictions that Carhireexcess does not cover.


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