Bettersafe and Car Hire Excess Insurance

Bettersafe is a limited company that focuses on products like commercial vehicles, car hire excess insurance, motor, and home excess protection or waiver. In this post, we look at all its policies and products in-depth.



What are the offers offered from Bettersafe?


1️⃣ Bettersafe for European Cover


The Bettersafe European and UK policy provides cover against excess payments you may incur under a vehicle rental agreement. In simpler terms, it is a car hire insurance service. A car hire insurance is a protection plan that protects you and the rental vehicle in case of a collision, theft, and more, depending on the policy and provider.

The Bettersafe European policy caters to all countries to the west of the Ural mountains, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Canary Islands, and the Ozores, to name a few.

For instance, it insures reimbursement of the excess up to GBP 7500 pounds depending on the period of the policy. This means that the insurance will cater to the amount of excess or the repair costs you incur when you have the vehicle. For instance, if you get into an accident and the rental company charges you for external damages to the tires, headlights, wheels, windows, and windscreen, the insurance will cover the costs. This is so long as the costs do not go beyond the amount specified above.

This Bettersafe policy also covers all charges associated with the loss of a rental vehicle. It also caters for administration charges incurred due to damages cost to the vehicle. It is also worth mentioning that the worldwide policy insures towing expenses in case of damages or a mechanical breakdown.

However, you cannot use this Bettersafe policy if your rental agreement began before you purchased the cover. Rental agreements are longer than 62 days and 180 days for an annual policy or single trip, respectively. It is also worth mentioning that it does not cater for loans, internal damages, and part replacements. Additionally, note that this is a single car hire insurance. That means that if you hire more than one car, you may have to take out two policies because one will not cover the two.

Any other excess charges besides the ones mentioned in the sections above are not covered by the Better safe for European cover.


2️⃣ Bettersafe for Worldwide Cover


The Bettersafe worldwide policy of cover protects you against excess payment that you may have to suffer under a vehicle rental agreement. It also protects against several conditions that you may become liable to pay depending on the rental contract’s different terms.

The Bettersafe worldwide cover caters to all countries globally, except Congo, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

Like the Bettersafe European policy, the worldwide covers ensure reimbursement of the excess up to GBP 7500, depending on the period of the policy. This means that it works in the same way as the Bettersafe European cover.

The Bettersafe policy also covers external damages like the ones listed on the European policy. These are the main similarities between the two policies. However, they also have several differences. For instance, if you take up the Bettersafe worldwide plus CDW and SLI policy, you will get additional coverage.

For instance, this Bettersafe policy will cover losses incurred due to damages to the rental vehicle and legal costs of up to $100,000. The legal charges must be incurred in defence of any claim likely to become subject to indemnity under the policies provided.

CDW and SLI also cover the costs you are required to pay as damages or complaints about bodily injuries and property damages from an accident. The accident has to involve your rental car. If there is any other applicable insurance, you will be paid the difference between the recoverable amount. This cover is limited to $250,000.

It is worth noting that you may have to pay a bit more if you want to benefit from Bettersafe CDW and SLI policies. The restrictions and events not insured by this policy are all similar to the Bettersafe for Europe policy.


Car hire excess insurance offers from bettersafe



How Much Does it Cost?


The cost of the Bettersafe policies depends on the type of cover and the insurance included.


What is Included?


The items that are included in this Bettersafe cover are:


1️⃣ Excess reimbursement


  • Reimbursements of any excess charges up to 7500 pounds depending on the period of the policy.
  • Any external damage costs to structural elements like windows, windscreen, headlights, undercarriage, roof, and tires.
  • Charges associated with the loss of a rental vehicle.
  • Admin charges in the event of damage to the rental vehicle.
  • Towing costs in the possibility of damages or mechanical breakdowns

The Bettersafe policy will cover these costs as long as, following the accident, you are held responsible for the damages and are liable for the excess amount depending on the terms of your rental agreement.


2️⃣ Automatic extensions


The Bettersafe policy will also cover the following automatic extensions:

  • Car rental key covers- This one covers you for costs up to 500 pounds for each claim for replacing a membership card or key for a rental vehicle. This cover will come in handy in case the key is stolen before you return the vehicle. It will also cover the replacement of locks and locksmith charges.
  • Misfuelling covers- This policy covers all costs not exceeding 500 pounds per claim for cleaning out the engine and fuel system and towing costs incurred as a result of using the wrong type of fuel on the rental vehicle.
  • Reparation- This Bettersafe policy will provide you with an additional benefit of 25 pounds per day in the event that your rental agreement is cut short or cancelled following a medical emergency or the advice of a physician. The maximum payable amount here is 300 pounds.
  • Drop off charges- This Bettersafe policy will protect you if there is no insurance driver named on the rental agreement to return the vehicle following an accident or illness. It will repay you for all charges not exceeding 300 pounds. However, evidence of hospitalization has to be provided.
  • Lockout charges- This Bettersafe policy will protect you if you are unintentionally locked out of your rental vehicle and you need to pay for the Vehicle to be opened. The policy will only cater to costs below 60 pounds.

The Bettersafe worldwide cover also includes the covers mentioned above. However, the Bettersafe CDW and LSI policies cover the following additional insurance:

  • CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

This Bettersafe policy covers all losses incurred in case the rental vehicle is damaged. It also covers legal costs up to $100,000 incurred during the defence of any claims under this policy. It also covers expenses incurred in case of damages or claimant’s costs in the event of bodily injuries and property damages following an accident involving the rental vehicle.

  • SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)

This Bettersafe cover will indemnify you of all sums you are legally liable to pay as damages and claimant costs in case of bodily injury and damages resulting from an accident involving your rental vehicle. However, it does not provide primary liability coverage.


What is Excluded?


Bettersafe insurance policies exclude the following covers:

  • Any charges that are not directly related to external damages, and this is not limited to mechanical or electrical failures
  • Vehicles rented through any UK branch of Green Motion
  • If your residence country is outside the indicated locations
  • If your rental agreement is longer than 62 continuous days under a daily policy
  • If your rental agreement is longer than 180 continuous days under an annual policy
  • If you submit more than three claims during the annual insurance policy period
  • If you do not have a valid rental agreement
  • If your rental agreement starts before the start date of your insurance cover
  • If your rental agreement ends after the end date of your insurance cover
  • If the damages are a result of willfully self-inflicted injuries, drug use, or illness
  • If the losses are not specified in the insurance cover
  • If the vehicle is not rented or hired
  • If the rental vehicle is driven by a person who is not named on the valid or official rental agreement



Are Bettersafe Customer Reviews Positive?


Most Bettersafe customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot are relatively positive. Most clients of Bettersafe seem to be satisfied with the services. There are only a handful of complaints involving misunderstanding of the Bettersafe policies. Bettersafe has a rating of 4.1 on Trustpilot, which is very good compared to other companies of its like.


Customer review of bettersafe



Is it Possible to Benefit from Promotional Codes?


With Bettersafe, you can benefit from promo codes and voucher codes. You can find the promotional codes on the official Bettersafe website, and you can fill them when you are filling out your invoice.


Under What Conditions is it Possible to Subscribe to Bettersafe?


💡 You can subscribe to Bettersafe if you are named as the driver on your vehicle rental agreement. This means that you have to be liable for all the specified excess amounts. You also have to include not more than seven additional insured drivers that may be using the rental vehicle. As long as the driver’s name is on the rental agreement, they can be covered by Bettersafe rental vehicle insurance.

All the drivers listed on the rental agreement must be between 24 and 85 years of age with valid licenses. The rental vehicle must be valued at more than 65000 pounds, or it should be more than ten years old.

To qualify for Bettersafe, you must purchase the policy before the start of your rental agreement. Your rental agreement period must also be shorter than the insurance period so that you can be covered.


subscribe to bettersafe



How to Make a Claim?


Below are some fundamental steps for making a claim with Bettersafe:

  • Returning your rental vehicle- The first thing you should do, in case of an accident or any damages, is to return the vehicle and take photos or videos of the damage. Then you can find out if your rental agreement finds you liable for the costs and collect and invoice the damage. Make payments for the damages using trackable means (credit card, not cash).
  • Check your Bettersafe policy and notify the claim- The next thing you should do is read your Bettersafe policy and notify the company about your claim. You can contact an administrator who will help you with the claim. Make sure you do this within 31 days of the end of the rental agreement. The administrator will send you a form you have to fill and send back as soon as possible. The form will contain a list of documents required, like your reimbursement schedule and rental agreement.



How to Make a Complaint?


If you have a complaint against your policy’s administration at Bettersafe, you have to contact the managing director of the company. All you have to do is make a phone call, send an email, or post a letter.

⚠️ On the other hand, if your complaint is not handled, you can address the Official Ombudsman Service using the same means. The Official Ombudsman is an independent service in the UK that settles disputes between consumers and organizations. You can also make an online complaint through the Online Dispute Resolution platform.


Make a complaint bettersafe





How much does car hire insurance cost at Bettersafe?

The Bettersafe costs vary depending on the policy and product.


Is it really interesting to take out franchise buyout insurance from Bettersafe?

Yes, you get a wide range of protection over a more extended period depending on your Bettersafe policy specifications.


Am I obliged to advance the deductible when I take out car hire insurance from Bettersafe?

Yes, this is a requirement by most car hire insurance providers including Bettersafe.


Does Bettersafe work for all rental companies?

Bettersafe works for most rental companies excluding Green Motion car rental branches in the UK.


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