Insurance4CarHire: The complete guide to properly insuring your car rental

Car hire insurance or car hire excess insurance is a cover that protects you from the excess or additional costs you are required to pay if you lose or damage a rental car. At Insurance4carhire, all you have to do is purchase the policy then pay the rental company if damages or loses occur. From there, you can make claims through Insurance4carhire for reimbursement of the excess costs. Below are some of the covers offered by Insurance4carhire.



What are the offers offered by Insurance4carhire?


1️⃣ Insurance4carhire for European Cover


Insurance4carhire insurance allows you to travel to Europe without having to pay for rental car damages. Insurance4carhire offers an annual multi-trip car hire excess cover for car rentals in Europe. This means that you do not have to apply for the insurance each time you travel to Europe within a single year. Like most covers by Insurance4carhire, you can purchase this one as early as one year before your trip or right before you collect the rental car. In case of damages or thefts, all you have to do is pay the excess as you return your vehicle, then claim it through Insurance4carhire.

It covers licensed drivers between 21 and 85 years old and includes up to seven additional drivers. However, they must be named in the rental agreement.

This Insurance4carhire cover features the following benefits:

  • Excess on damages and theft up to a maximum total of £6500 per year
  • Misfuelling and car key losses or damages of up to £500 per claim and a maximum total of £2000 per year
  • Flat battery cover up to £1000 per year


2️⃣ Insurance4carhire for Worldwide Cover


This Insurance4carhire insurance cover will come in handy if you are hiring cars worldwide and want to avoid paying for your car hire excess insurance for each trip. You can purchase this policy as early as 364 days before the trip or just before you collect your rental car. With this insurance cover, Insurance4carhire will accept claims of damages and theft. All you have to do is pay the excess then claim the money with Insurance4carhire.

This Insurance4carhire cover includes the following benefits:
-Excess on damages and theft up to a maximum total of £6500 per year
-Misfuelling and car key losses or damages of up to £500 per claim and a maximum total of £2000 per year
-Flat battery cover up to £1000 per year
-Late pickup charges as a result of unscheduled flight delays
-It covers licensed drivers between 21 and 85 years old
-It includes up to seven additional drivers. However, they must be named in the rental agreement.


3️⃣ Insurance4carhire for Annual Worldwide Plus CDW and SLI Cover


The Insurance4carhire annual worldwide cover, as mentioned above, covers car hires around the world. In this case, the Insurance4carhire cover also includes CDW and SLI. Many companies do not include these two covers in their policies. The Insurance4carhire annual worldwide plus CDW and SLI has these features:

  • Excess insurance worldwide
  • Collision damage waiver worldwide
  • Supplemental liability insurance for customers driving in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, South, and Central America

What is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)?

This type of car rental insurance covers losses that occur due to damages of the rental vehicle up to 100,000 USD, the value of the rental vehicle, or the claim. Under this cover, the company will also pay all legal costs incurred with our written consent while defending any claim. However, this part of the policy features a limit of £6500.

What is SLI?

SLI, also known as Supplemental Liability Insurance, covers all sums which you are liable to pay as damages and claimant costs in case of bodily injuries or damages to property in the event of an accident. The accident has to involve the rental vehicle, and it must have occurred within the insurance period. It is limited to accidents in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, South, and Central America.


Offers from Insurance4carhire



How Much Does it Cost?


The amount of money you have to pay differs from one cover to the next. Below is a breakdown of the different covers and how much they cost:

  • Worldwide car hire excess insurance- from £59.99
  • European car hire excess insurance- from £46.99
  • Single trip worldwide car hire excess insurance- from £12.79
  • Worldwide car hire excess plus CDI and SLI- from £124.99


What is Included?


The items or features included differ from one cover to the next. However, below are the standard benefits offered by Insurance4carhire:

  • Excess insurance for car and van rentals for rentals that do not exceed 60 consecutive days
  • Can be used by licensed drivers aged between 21 and 85 years
  • Accepts up to 7 licensed drivers who must be named in the rental agreement
  • Up to £6500 damage and theft cover for each policy
  • A maximum total of £500 each per claim, specifically for misfuelling and car key cover (totalling at £2000 per year)
  • Policies can be purchased up to one year before collecting the car or immediately before picking up the rental car.
  • Flat battery cover up to £1000 per year
  • Late pickup charges as a result of unscheduled flight delays


What is Excluded?


The Insurance4carhire policy does not cover the following:

  • Damages that are not accepted by the Car Rental Company’s insurance
  • Costs or charges not directly related to an incident
  • Your country of residence is outside the limits of the insurance policy
  • Damages occur after sixty continuous days of the rental agreement
  • Damages arising from the use of drugs while operating the vehicle
  • Damages arising from transporting contraband or illegal trade
  • Any expenses assumed, waivered, or paid by the Car Rental Company
  • Damages caused by wear and tear, or gradual deterioration of the vehicle
  • The damages resulting in any way from war, revolution, or similar events (nuclear risks and terrorism)
  • The damage is a result of driving off the road or driving on an undesignated or unmade road
  • Damages to interior contents of the rental vehicle
  • Loss of the rental vehicle interiors or contents
  • Damages that occurred when the vehicle was not driven by a person named on the rental agreement
  • You have been alerted to the risk when getting the rental agreement
  • The market value of the vehicle exceeds £1200 or if it is more than ten years old



Are Customer Reviews Positive?


💡 Most customer reviews about Insurance4carhire are positive. On Trust Pilot, one of the leading customer reviews platforms, Insurance4carhire features a customer satisfaction rate of 4.3 out of 5. This is a good rating. Most clients comment that making claims with Insurance4carhire is relatively easy.

The process is hassle-free and not as stressful as most people would assume. However, there are a few complaints about the geographical limitations of the policy. Regardless, all the reviews are highly positive.


Review from Insurance4carhire



Is it Possible to Benefit from Promotional Codes?


You can always benefit from Insurance4carhire promo codes or Insurance4carhire voucher codes available on reputable sites on the internet.



Under what condition is it possible to subscribe to Insurance4carhire?


You can subscribe to Insurance4carhire if:

  • You are named as a Car Club Member or Lead Named Driver on any rental agreement
  • You are one of the seven insured drivers named on a rental agreement. All the drivers have to be named as drivers in an official rental agreement.
  • You are a permanent resident in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, or any other channel island.
  • If you do not exceed the territorial limits, which are all European countries to the West of the Ural Mountains and the UK
  • If the territory of your rental vehicle is within the areas specified in the certificate
  • If your rental vehicle features a market value of less than £1200 by the start of the rental agreement
  • The rental vehicle needs to be less than ten years old
  • Your rental agreement also needs to be valid for you to subscribe to Insurance4carhire. For a policy to be valid, it must have been purchased and commenced at the start of a rental agreement for which you want it to apply. Insurance4carhire do not accept liability for damages occurring under a rental agreement that started before the beginning or after the end of the policy.

The rental period also influences your eligibility for the cover. Insurance4carhire covers rental periods not exceeding sixty continuous days. For a rental period longer than sixty days, the cover will expire at the end of the sixtieth day. Therefore, anything that occurs after sixty days will not be covered.

You can also apply to Insurance4carhire if:

  • You keep the terms and conditions of the policy
  • The information you provide in the application process is proven to be true
  • You inform Insurance4carhire of any claims as soon as possible
  • Report any loss, theft, or malicious damages to the relevant authorities as soon as possible (not exceeding 48 hours of discovery)
  • The policy covers your claim


how to susbscribe to Insurance4carhire



How to Make a Claim?


Making a claim with Insurance4carhire is relatively easy. The following steps will guide you through the process:

Returning your rental vehicle: The first thing you should do is to return the vehicle and take photos or videos of the damage in case of an accident or any damages. Find out if your rental agreement finds you liable for the costs of the damages. Collect and invoice the damage. Make payments for the damages using trackable means, like a credit card, not cash.

Check your policy and notify the claim: The next thing you should do is read your policy carefully and notify your claim afterward. Make sure you do this within 31 days of the end of the rental agreement

Contact an Insurance4carhire administrator for assistance: You can contact an administrator that will help you with the claim. The administrator will send you a form you have to fill and send back as soon as possible. The form will contain a list of documents required, like your reimbursement schedule and rental agreement.

– You can also report your claim and upload a list of supporting documents by visiting the customer area on the official Insurance4carhire website. The sooner you report the claim, the sooner you get the claim form

Wait: From here, the company will confirm your claim and contact you

⚠️ Note that Insurance4carhire features a claims team that operates from Monday to Friday between 9.15 am and 5 pm.



How to Make a Complaint?


If you have a complaint against your Insurance4carhire policy’s administration, you have to contact Insurance4carhire’s managing director. All you have to do is make a phone call, send an email, or post a letter.

On the other hand, if your complaint is not handled, you can address the Official Ombudsman Service through email, post, call, or letter. The Official Ombudsman is an independent service in the UK that settles disputes between consumers and organizations. You can get all the contact information from the official Insurance4carhire website.


Make a complaint Insurance4carhire





How much does car hire insurance cost at Insurance4carhire?

The cost of car hire at Insurance4carhire differs from one cover to the next. However, the covers cost between £12 and £125.


Is it really interesting to take out franchise buyout insurance from insurance4carhire?

Yes, the process can be very interesting, depending on your cover or policy.


Am I obliged to advance the deductible when I take out car hire insurance from Insurance4carhire?

Yes, this is a requirement by most car hire insurance providers.


Does Insurance4carhire work for all rental companies?

This depends on the company and the limitations on their terms and conditions. But this is often the case, yes.


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