Questor Car Hire Excess Insurance: How can you be well insured?

What comes to mind when one says the name Questor Insurance? Questor insurance is an interchange product of Riverside Underwriting Limited. This Underwriting Limited is an insurance intermediary who acts on behalf of the Underwriter. Well, Questor insurance provides cars with hire excess insurance. It helps to safeguard the rental contract excess and covers the vehicle keys, tires, and windscreen.

This insurance contains four significant products: Car Hire Excess Insurance, Travel Insurance, Car Hire Excess Insurance, Motor Excess Protection Insurance. Questor value essential communication, customer feedback, and comments. We will only talk about Car Hire Excess Insurance from Questor here.


Find the best Customer service at Questor


For more than a decade, Questor insurance has been providing car hire insurance. Getting your cover from Questor can help you to save a pinch of spending, providing you with a wide range of benefits and covers.

With Questor, it is easier to file your claims. An online claims system allows members to submit their claims and any supporting documents at the time of their choosing. You do not need to make calls and schedule meetings. Instead, Questor smoothens the claim process and makes it as simple as buying your annual or daily Car hire excess insurance.


Types of Questor insurance products


1️⃣ Motor home/excess campervan Questor insurance


This product is possible to ensure the excess on your motorcycle, private motor, or commercial vehicle insurance policy. If you purchase this cover, you can claim the excess deductions back by the motor insurer if you claim using the online claiming platforms. One can claim as much as they want as long as they have the insurance certificate with a two-week waiting period.

One has to adhere to the following terms for the claim.

a) Your motor insurer must accept the claim and an excess deducted.

b) The excess can only be claimed back once the Insurer has removed the excess.

c) Events that happened before the start of the Excess Insurance are excluded.

d)Excess arising from glass claims are removed.

e) For one to reclaim the excess under this protection policy, one must have a more significant claim than the excess on the motor policy.

f) Lastly, one is always required to read the terms and conditions of the policy document.


2️⃣ Car Hire Excess Questor Insurance


💡 This insurance package covers a driver for any excess they might incur while using the Car, such as damages and theft. Which? Says that drivers might be required to pay up to £2,000 to cover any theft costs or repairs even if they are the victims. So for you to have a stress-free vacation, you need to cover yourself. It is important to note that the driver will need to pay an excess fee in the event of a claim before the reimbursement happens following the car hire policy’s successful use.

One is eligible for this type of Questor insurance:

a) If you are aged between 21 to 84 years old.
b) If you have a permit for the hire car or a legal internationally recognised driving license.
c) Only members of the European Economic Area (EEA) can purchase this policy.

This insurance covers cars with a maximum of 9 seats plus the driver and the vehicle valued at not more than £75,000 at the beginning of the policy issuance.


3️⃣ Questor Travel Insurance


After booking your travel itinerary, it is best to arrange travel insurance if you are suddenly unavailable for travel or your travel arrangements fail to push through. Questor travel insurance is arguably good cover for a tourist as it protects you from those unforeseen eventualities that occasionally strike travelers leaving them stranded in a foreign country with empty pockets. It is worth organizing Questor travel insurance as soon as your travel arrangements have been made.

At Questor, you get to choose from two types of travel insurance covers. You will always have the option of single trip covers or a multi-trip cover. The latter is preferable if you are a regular traveler or have a couple of trips per year. Questor covers you with an insurance of quick reaction in case of a claim.


Questor Car hire excess insurance offers


Understanding Questor Pricing


Different insurance vendors use other methods to regulate their prices, so it is crucial to be vigilant when buying your cover. Because of different covers of different prices, you should pay close attention to the headline price you may see on an advert, which is sometimes misleading. As a result of constant daily charges and strategies, you may end up paying the price of a 4-day trip in a 2-day trip.


What is Excluded in Questor insurance?


a) The policy does not cover the losses from driving the vehicle as an occupation, such as uber driving or cab services.
b) It does not insure any rental vehicles that have already started.
c) It does not cover any third-party death claims, property, or injury.


How can I save a lot of money with Questor car hire excess insurance?


💡 For a daily plan, the charge is £ 2.99 while it is £ 44.98 for an annual plan.

After assessing a week’s price of car hire insurance in Malaga, Spain, it was revealed that buying insurance at Questor insurance would only cost a weekly pay of £24 compared to a mean weekly cost of £147 in other firms in the industry.



What is the process of applying for Questor insurance?


I am sure you have found yourself in a situation where you can’t help but ask, “what does the process of hiring involve?” Those who don’t regularly hire cars need to consider the options to get a policy that suits their needs. As a result of quality service, rental firms take precautions using various enhanced cleaning measures to ensure hygiene, especially in current times.


Services of Questor Insurance


You can get a tailored quote in your situation by simply filling in some personal details in Questor’s online form. This quote will break down how much it would cost you to cover yourself. In case of an issues, they are always a call away boasting of a remarkable customer support on 24-hour stand by for all the clients both locally and internationally.


The process of hiring


For you to hire a car in the UK, you need your identification documents such as national IDs for citizens and an international driving permit if you come from overseas. The legal age for hiring a car is dependent on the rental company of choice, with some with a limit as high as 30 years. Being younger than the age limit constricts the ID holder from hiring certain cars, while some charge a young driver’s surcharge—an extra fee for those younger than 25 years.


Questor Insurance public review


Questor insurance is an independent award-winning car hire excess insurance provider with many other insurance products spread out over 20 countries worldwide. Questor is also regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are therefore well equipped and suited to serve any customer with a guarantee of world-class service.

💡 Questor insurance is an international privately-owned car hire firm regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Questor is arguably one of the main car hiring firm in the UK, and got 4.7 star rated form over 10820 custormers review on Trustpilot.

So the next time you want to go on a trip with a hired vehicle, consider getting either Questor Car hire excess insurance depending on your specifications. Also, ensure you look at the latest voucher codes and deals that will save you some money when purchasing a Questor Insurance cover.


Questor Car Hire Excess Insurance customer review


How to make a claim at Questor


Questor’s official claim handlers, Orchard Administration, have an online submission process set up to make a claim as smooth as possible for the clients. For a covered member who wishes to submit a claim, they should visit their website, where they will be asked to submit their claim scheme code and certificate number, both of which appear on the certificate of insurance.

In case you are unsuccessful in using the inline web page facility, you can call Orchard Administration on +44 (0)333 3230 095. Remember, before service, our claim handlers will ask for supporting documents for your claim. Please follow their official page to find out the documents required in the event of a claim.


How to make a complaint at Questor


Questor insurance uses an independent issue-resolution tool called Resolver, an easy and free web tool that enables the raising and handling of consumer issues, making complaining simpler for everyone.


How do I make a Questor Insurance complaint using Resolver?


The process of making a complaint about Questor Insurance using Resolver is simple. You are first required to understand the consumer rights then answer a few questions to assist the Resolver tool in preparing your email, which will be available for you to review and edit. This email will clarify the issue. You can always make a complaint in this tool using a web page or a phone app.


How does my Questor Insurance case file work?


Resolver allows the client to record any email between you and the Questor team and any phonecall conversations made via the Resolver app. You can also take personal notes about your complaint and also set reminders. This tool also comes with the awesome feature of alerting you when you need to escalate your case to maintain its relevance and keep things on track. In case you fail to resolve your issue with Questor, Resolver enables you to escalate it to the relevant regulatory. Then your file’s contents will be sent over as supporting evidence.


Benefits of using Resolver


a) It is free of charge

The tool is completely free and has no hidden costs or adverts where the user gets to raise a case and leave the feedback later. It is a simple tool that has already helped millions of users and has room for more.


b) Know your rights

They are always on stand-by for support and guidance to help you get the results you are searching for. Their rights guide is full of the information you need to get your issues sorted out.


c) Get your voice heard

They ensure that you are always connected to the right person when you need them the most. This system automatically connects the client to hundreds of regulators, ombudspersons, and household names to quickly find a solution.


Questor Car Hire Excess Insurance make a complaint


Can I cancel my refund policy?


⚠️ Questor can refund your money provided you have not yet begun your trip, and you have not made a claim against the company. Upon canceling the refund policy, you are required to provide documentary evidence in case you request to cancel your policy after its inception.


How to ensure the loyalty discount is applied to your renewal?


To earn a loyalty discount, you need to be using the same email you used when purchasing your previous policy with Questor. In case you find that your discount was not applied, you can email at Providing both your new and old certificate numbers would be advantageous to your case as it would make the work of the service team easier in locating your files.


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